Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Rock River Chocolate Trail

Over the Memorial Day weekend, my youngest and I enjoyed a road trip following the Rock River Trail, a route that follows the Rock River from Waupun, WI down to Rock Island, IL. We had a great couple of days driving down, visiting towns big and small, taking photos and creating memories.

Rock River Chocolate Trail

One aspect that we really enjoyed was trying to find identified candy stores on the Rock River Chocolate Trail. These are shops that the organizers of the Rock River Trail have found in the towns along the route. I counted 21 shops on the official route, and we planned on visiting 9 of them.

Unfortunately, since our trip took place over a holiday weekend, not all of the planned stops were successful. Of the 9 we had hoped for, we found 4 of them open, but we enjoyed each one.

Rock River Chocolate Trail

The Rock River Trail is just over 300 miles officially and could be driven in a day if one were so inclined. We'd suggest a more meandering pace, with stops for chocolate, other food, a few wineries, and the sights along the way.

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