Friday, March 31, 2017

Frontera After Dark!

Frontera After Dark!

Frontera, a Chilean wine company, is reaching out to Millenial wine drinkers, aiming new ventures their way with an “After Dark” tagline, in deference to this new generation of wine lovers for whom “the day starts to come alive at night.” Interestingly, Millennials are less engaged with 1.5-liter bottles than previous generations, demonstrating instead a marked preference for 750s and alternative packaging. Frontera After Dark labels port a dramatic black background, overlaid by a depiction of the Andes Mountains traced in gold, as dark labels represent a powerful new trend in the U.S. and dominate the landscape where millennials are concerned. In 2015, dark labels registered by an impressive +29% volume increase over traditional cream/white labels. Frontera After Dark was one of the first “dark-label” ranges to debut in the $4 - 7 value category. The 2 wines I tasted were the Moonlight White, a faintly effervescent, crisp, fresh, light Moscato-based blend and the After Midnight Red: a Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah blend, rounded out with a touch of Merlot.

Tasting Notes:
Moonlight White: honeyed lemon and white floral aromas; melon and honeyed apricot into a lemon finish; on the sweet side but balanced by an underlying acidity.
After Midnight Red: cherry, tobacco, and spices on the nose; dark fruit, red currants into a tart red berry finish; luscious mouthfeel with decent acidity.
*Wines provided for editorial purposes - all opinions are my own.

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