Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Busy Burger, Chicago

When we had the chance to check out the newly revamped Busy Burger, we didn't hesitate. Both of us have attended school at the University of Illinois - Circle Campus, so it was good to get back into the neighborhood. It's been a while. Parking was a breeze on a Saturday afternoon, surprisingly, but we didn't complain. Busy Burger touts itself as a healthier casual eatery, with never frozen, made by hand burgers, hand spun shakes and fresh cut fries. They use no preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics. Always a fan of this kind of philosophy.

Busy Burger, Chicago
The remodel (compared to earlier iterations viewed online), has a clean, simple, bright look that is aesthetically pleasing. Definitely feels like a place you want to eat and don't mind staying there rather than taking it home. While it was cold on the day we were there, in better weather there is outdoor seating that looks like a nice place to while away some time. The new space includes a wall that hides the kitchen and is, in my opinion, the worse for it, nice design withstanding. There's just something about watching food being made that is satisfying. A bigger problem is that the ordering counter is just inside the door, but the menu is further in along the new wall - flipping them would make a lot more sense.

Still, we managed to order (a little bit of a lot of things on the menu), grabbed a seat at the window bar, and enjoyed a really good meal. The restaurant has a wide-ranging menu, from chicken soup to sausages to burgers, along with a whole lotta sides like onion rings and pizza puffs. Not easy deciding on what to get, for sure. I'd recommend pretty much anything, it was all good, but someone in the group should definitely order a stuffed burger, which is what they are best known for. The only place they fall flat is with dessert, with only two options: plain or chocolate chip cheesecake, though it is nice they've gone with Eli's, a local company.

Busy Burger, Chicago

Busy Burger is not a fancy place, but it's located in an interesting area, has a broad menu, and the food is really good. Their philosophy of keeping things clean and fresh is a welcome change to other options in the casual food world. Recommended.

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Busy Burger

Meal provided for review purposes - all opinions are my own.

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