Thursday, January 21, 2016

Parducci - True Grit Reserve

Deep Roots ~ Legendary Wines

For 80 some odd years, Parducci (a family-run winery) has been making wines with a reputation for value, quality, and care for our local community. The Parducci commitment to sustainable winemaking practices translates to high standards for both vineyard cultivation and winery operations, including a farm-to-table garden program, wildlife habitat preservation, and a nationally recognized water conservation and reclamation program. The True Grit collection's name comes from a comment made by a visiting winemaker, noting that their Petite Sirah was the "John Wayne of Wines." Great story.

Parducci - Deep Grit Reserve

Tasting Notes:
True Grit Reserve Red Mendocino County 2012: Syrah, Zinfandel, and Petite Sirah blend; ruby red color; bright red berry, cherry soda, and plum aromas; red plum, dark cherry, and toast flavors; nicely balanced; smooth mouthfeel into a slightly tannic finish; cork closure; SRP $30. Paired with a coffee crusted steak and potatoes au gratin, fantastic.
True Grit Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Mendocino County 2013: deep dark purple with ruby edges; plum, earth and cherry aromas; dark cherry, black currant, oregano flavors with a spicy finish; super smooth mouthfeel, beautiful balance; cork closure; SRP $30. Paired with a pizza dinner, stood up wonderfully to pepperoni, Italian sausage and giardiniera.
True Grit Mendocino County Reserve Chardonnay 2013: beautiful golden yellow color; aromas of white flowers, Asian pear and lemon; subtle honeydew and muskmelon flavors lead into a nutty finish; medium, velvety body; cork closure; SRP $30.
True Grit Mendocino Reserve Petite Sirah 2013: deep opaque purple with ruby edges; dark fruit, toast and tar aromas; prune, tart red berry, earth and cassis flavors; smooth body, acid backbone, and a tannic finish make this a pleasure to drink now, but should improve with some cellar time; cork closure; SRP $30. Any bottle that comes with a tag that exhorts "Decant Me" is likely one I'm going to enjoy, and this was no exception.

Parducci Wine Cellars: The Wine Experience Video

Fantastic collection of wines that taste above their price - add in everything that goes on beyond the scenes in terms of sustainability and history, and these show their colors as palate-pleasing wines.

Wines provided for tasting purposes - all opinions are my own.

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