Thursday, September 17, 2015


Film. Surf. Italy. Wine.


With ZIOBAFFA, filmmaker Jason Baffa, surfer-environmentalist Chris Del Moro, and winemaker Piergiorgio Castellani focus on traditional and organic production, with a to-me unique reusable stopper, the Helix re-useable cork closure.

Baffa and Del Moro created a film, "Bella Vita," sharing their love of the surfing subculture, good food and drinks, friends, and family. From this collaboration,  ZIOBAFFA was born. The wine is bottled and labeled with eco-friendly material, crafted with a biodynamic focus and organically produced grapes - traditional materials with a modern focus.

Tasting Notes:
Filmmaker's Edition Pinot Grigio 2014: organically grown grapes; fermented in stainless steel; beautiful dark golden yellow; melon, lemon, and white floral aromas; blast of lemon flavor with underlying apricot, almond, and muskmelon flavors; Helix™ re-usable agglomerated cork closure; SRP $16. This might be my favorite white in recent memory, pure summer fun in a glass. Tasted with a kale and mango salad, worked against the vinegar and sweet tropical flavor perfectly.
Filmmaker's Edition Toscana Red 2012: organically grown estate harvested Sangiovese and Syrah grapes from the Poggio Al Casone Vineyard; low temp fermentation; no oak used; dark ruby color; dark berry, plum, cassis, and herb aromas; dark cherry, earth, tart red berries, and subtle herb flavors; medium bodied; Helix™ re-usable agglomerated cork closure; SRP $16. If you're not a believer of terroir, this wine might change your mind. Take a sip with your eyes closed and taste the sun-warmed soil in which the vines have their roots - tastes like what I imagine a lazy summer afternoon in Italy tastes like. Paired with a broccoli chicken Alfredo pasta - fruit popped and was a nice contrast to the fresh black pepper.
These have a lovely sense of place and one can well imagine drinking these while overlooking the vineyards from where the grapes were harvested - pop a bottle with friends or loved ones and let the good times roll.

Making of ZIOBAFFA™ Wine Video

Wine provided for review purposes - all opinions are my own.

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