Wednesday, June 3, 2015

sommkit: Mise en Place for Wine

I've been helping beta test a new product, smoke, brought to market by the good folks at Protocol Wine Studio, who are also the hosts of the Twitter chat #WineStudio, among many other things. sommkit was created as a way to organize the many tools needed to open bottles and enjoy wine. There are currently two versions of sommkit: an original grey beta with sturdy leather additions and a second black beta which is an all vegan product (this is the one I received). The heavy waxed canvas, quality stitching and D-ring are the same for both versions.

sommkit: Mise en Place for Wine

Before sommkit, all of my corkscrews (and other wine openers), bottle stoppers, etc. have resided in a drawer, through which I have to search to find just the right tool for the bottle opened. Now there's one place to go to, with everything needed together. The material used is heavy and substantial, promising many more years of use, and feels good in the hand. An integrated flap covers the tools, then all are rolled up and secured with the attached string. A functional, well-designed, sleek, and, dare I say I it, sexy addition to anyone's wine obsession.

Now I'm no wine expert, though I play one on the Internet, but there is definitely a use for such a product if you have more than a passing seriousness about wine (and other spirits as well). Having all the tools needed to run a tasting with one's friends certainly allows for the experience to be appreciated a lot more.

Improvements: I would add another larger pocket in lieu of two smaller ones. Again, not as a wine pro, but as a serious consumer, I could see this being improved by conversion to an apron, keeping the same heavy fabric, simple design, but adding string (or the option) to the other end.

To purchase or to get more information, visit the sommkit website, Twitter, and Facebook.

This product was provided for review purposes - all opinions are my own.

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