Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wine of the Week: Rosemount Estate 2014 Shiraz-Cabernet

Rosemount Estate 2014 Shiraz Cabernet

According to Treasury Wine, the owners, the Rosemount family of wines was developed to make it easier for consumers to clearly identify each range – making it simple for consumers to trade up and down while staying loyal to Rosemount, no matter what the occasion. The grapes in the blend come from all over Southeastern Australia. We drank probably 6 bottles of this blend, and each bottle has been somewhat different, from a fruit-forward, luscious version to a thinner, more tart and tannic one as well. They must make a lot of this wine to get that much variation. In general, they all featured dark fruit, spice, cassis, and blackberry flavors into a dark cherry cola finish; most had a soft mouthfeel. At $8, this is a decent option for most dinners. Twist-off cap makes it a good choice for picnics and camping as well.

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