Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Home Run Inn Pizzeria, Darien

When I think of Home Run Pizza, I think of frozen pies, not great but decent (pretty tough to find a great frozen pizza), so I've never really thought about going to one of their pizzerias (there are nine Home Run Inn pizza restaurants in the Chicagoland area). We were invited to meet up with family there, however, so off we went.

Home Run Inn Pizzeria, Darien

The interior is inviting and not at the same time, with an open area of the restaurant and a wall blocking off the bar area to the right, which is a bit disconcerting as you enter. Overall a decent looking and comfortable room. Though it looked like there was plenty of staff, for some odd reason all the diners that night were seated together rather than spread out from each other. No biggie, just a bit strange.

While pizza is the obvious choice, Home Run inn does have some decidedly non-pizzeria items like Southside Sliders (pulled Guinness braised beef, Dubliner cheese, Jameson slaw, and fresh scallions) and Guinness Nachos (crisp cottage fried potatoes smothered with pulled Guinness braised beef, Dubliner cheese, Jameson horseradish sauce, and fresh scallions). For appetizers we tried the Sliders and an order of Cheesy Garlic Bread. Verdict? Not terrible, but the Sliders just didn't have an identity, too many flavors, not enough texture. The Cheesy Garlic Bread, however, was awesome. The pizzas were really good as well, with no skimping on toppings. Definitely not typical frozen pizza flavors.

A minimal wine and beer list was somewhat disappointing, though the beer flight was a good option, with 4 beers I haven't had before, some local and others imported.

Desert was incredibly tasty, but also somewhat disjointed. They didn't have the Ghirardelli Chocolate Bomb Cupcake (a table wish), but came through with a decent bag of donuts and the Signature Cookie Monster (warm chocolate cookie crust topped with three scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce).

This is a restaurant that was better than expected and, if you stick with the more typical pizzeria options, has food that is tasty and done well.

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