Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vintage 2015: a Year in American Wine

In 2014, Wil Fernandez and a team of team of photographers, videographers, writers and artists were out in the vineyards from bud break to harvest, documenting the vintage via films, photographs and art on a simple project website that is now a complete timeline of the 2014 vintage in Santa Barbara County, California. Will is now looking to fund a real-time archive of the 2015 vintage - this project will bring together farmers, winemakers and creative people from across the United States. If funded, an interactive web destination will collect stories from vineyards and wineries across the nation through words, photographs and videos; this will help overcome geographic constraints in order to create an archive of the 2015 vintage across the United States. Follow your favorite wines from dirt to glass via local correspondents, or become a local correspondent yourself.

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