Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bareburger, Columbus

I try to eat healthy every day, to the fullest extent possible. When I travel, I really make an effort, though, to be honest, it's pretty tough to find restaurants that really care within a reasonable distance. I was excited to discover Columbus' Bareburger, which was walking distance to my hotel. All of Bareburger's organic and all-natural, free-range meats are grass-fed and pasture raised. They also source organically grown fruits and vegetables. Right up my alley!

Bare Burger Columbus

They have other things on the menu, but if you're going to a place with burger in the name, why would you order anything else? Decently sized, they can be ordered on a variety of breads or as a "salad" topping (one suggestion to them would be to chop both the lettuce underneath and on top if someone doesn't order bread - would have made it a LOT easier to eat everything together). They also carry local craft beers, which is my go-to if there aren't local wines or if beer would go better with the meal.  In this case it was definitely the right choice. I don't often eat onion rings anymore, but these are worth ordering for sure, as are the sweet potato fries. Order the Supreme and you'll get both as toppings. For dessert, the flour less chocolate cake was really tasty, but the cherry compote on the side elevated it well beyond others I've tried.

Bare Burger Columbus

The restaurant sits in what appears to be an old space, with tall ceilings of pressed tin (or a facsimile). It's comfortable, with tables, booths, and bar stools for sitting.
"Almost everything in our Bareburger restaurants are built from a sustainable and reclaimed material. The tabletops are crafted from trees felled by storms. Our booths are made from recycled, post consumer vinyl. Our ceilings are paneled with reclaimed tin siding from deconstructed barns. Most of our takeout products are made with plant resin or recycled paper products, and all of them (even the bags) are biodegradable. We are proud the animals that supply our meat have been treated humanely and with respect.
Bareburger is a chain with locations in New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Ohio. If I find myself in any of those locations, Bareburger will be an option I'll definitely search out.

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