Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Leftovers and Wine

Last year, I wrote three posts about using leftover turkey to make recipes that would go well with wines. The posts were very popular, so I present the links again, for your continued enjoyment.

2012 Meiomi Pinot Noir

Follow the link to find the recipe for Sweet and Savory Holiday Pizza, along with suggested wine pairings. The potatoes and cranberries are unusual pizza toppings that add depth of flavor along with some interesting contrasts to wines you might pair.

Turkey Leftover Wine Pairings: Po' Boys and Conundrum Wines White

This recipe is for Holiday Turkey Po' Boys, paired with a variety of wines. The buns are somewhat key, but it's the slaw that makes these sandwiches - our family still makes the slaw as a side for many meals.

Turkey Leftover Wine Pairings: Turkey Panini with Conundrum Wines Red

This recipe for Holiday Turkey Panini, is a great update on you favorite grilled cheese. The celery adds a welcome crunch, while the bacon makes this much more savory than a typical cheese sandwich. Yum!

While these sandwiches make sense in the days following the holiday, we've made them at other times as well, 3 really great recipes that make most people very, very happy. These recipes were originally provided by the Wagner Family of Wine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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