Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wine and Wings [Infographic]

I'm a sucker for info graphics, which is good and bad. When done well, like Madeline Puckette's over at Wine Folly, infographics give you pertinent information in a condensed fashion, easily read. At their worst, they go on and on interminably, with garish colors, multiple (sometimes illegible) fonts, with way more than you ever wanted to know about absolutely anything. Somewhere in between are the rest, usually not very necessary, but simple and fun. Like this one, from Uproot Wines, on how to pair chicken wings with wine - it's football inspired, so timely, many of us do enjoy chicken wings, but I'm sure you, like me, probably weren't conducting taste tests to see which wines went with which style of wing.

Wine and Wings [Infographic]

There you have it and now, have at it.

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