Thursday, October 16, 2014

Drink Local Wine Week: Wollersheim Winery

Wollersheim Winery 2013 Prairie Fumé

It's the national Drink Local Wine Week! Sitting as we are at the junction of three states (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, with Michigan not far), we feel like the local wine scene has quite a bit of variety, though we're not so sure of the quality every time. However, it's still important to support the locals, and this week was a nice reminder to do just that. After plans to visit some local wineries fell through this past weekend for sundry reasons, it was off to the local wine shops to explore their offerings. Unfortunately, slim pickings. I wasn't really in the mood for fruit wine (snobby, I know), nor a holiday-themed flavored wine (Halloween wine anyone?), but happily I spied one bottle of wine from Wisonsin's Wollersheim Winery. I've tried a red from them and was pleasantly surprised, so a white made from a hybrid grape we've enjoyed before from other producers seemed like a safe bet.
"In 1972, Robert and JoAnn Wollersheim purchased the winery farm property from Peter Kehl’s great grandson with the intention of restoring it to a working family winery. The hillside slopes were again planted with vineyards, the underground wine cellars were refurnished with oak barrels, and the main floor of one of the buildings was converted into a store to make Wollersheim wine available for visitors."
Tasting Notes

2013 Prairie Fumé: 100% Seyval Blanc; cold fermented, stopped fermentation to maintain residual sweetness; super light yellow color; white floral, lemon, and subtle green melon aromas; bit of green apple, green melon, and lemon flavors into a honeyed stone fruit finish; nicely balanced, with some acidity to counter the sweetness; 10% ABV; twist-off closure; SRP $15, paid $12 at the local wine store. Inspired by crisp Sauvignon Blancs, this wine made from a hybrid grape that is slightly sweeter than a typical Sauvignon Blanc is a very nice effort, well done.

After some further research, it turns out that the grapes for this wine were grown in New York state, so while the winery is local, the grapes are not. This was not noted on the bottle labels, though "American Seyval Blanc" could have been a clue. A real bummer that Midwest wineries are still doing this.

How did YOU celebrate Drink Local Wine Week?!

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