Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wolf's Ridge Brewing, Columbus, OH

Wolf's Ridge Brewing, Columbus, OH

Wolf's Ridge Brewing is no ordinary gastropub. At first glance, it seems no different than others: storefront, gleaming kettles and tanks, bar, beer, food.  The difference in this restaurant is that almost every detail is elevated, curated to top effect almost. The room is long and narrow and gets loud, but none of that is a problem, the spacing is correct and you are of the crowd but not in the crowd - I ate by myself and felt totally at ease, not always the case when dining alone. The decor is unobtrusive yet works, casual yet refined, even down to the locally sourced soap in the bathroom. Am I gushing? I haven't even gotten to the food and beer yet.

Wolf's Ridge Brewing Food

Unless you're a regular (and maybe even then), a flight of beers is the simpler way to drink your way through some of a brewery's offerings and, theoretically, should go well with the food offered. Wolf Ridge's beers are definitely reflective of their Midwest locale and, while tasty on their own, do come more alive when washing down the scrumptious food. Garlic fries should be offered by everyone, though I suppose we'd get sick of them then - scratch that idea. These were mighty good, especially as a counterpoint to the burger (and the beers, bringing out different nuances with each one). The burger, oh the burger -- beef and lamb on brioche with lots of toppings, all of which I left off as they simply weren't necessary. Except for the fact that it's kind of tiny, this is easily one of the best burgers I have ever had, simply amazing. The meal was topped off with a very well-made cappuccino (hooray for restaurants that go this extra step!) and an incredibly decadent Chocolate Layer Cake (marshmallow, graham cracker ice cream, and pâte à choux tuile) - overall taste was very good, thought the marshmallow was unnecessary and the cake itself was a bit dense for my taste.

If you find yourself in Columbus (or if you live there), Wolf's Ridge Brewing is a must - they can accommodate small groups to large, have wine and other drinks if you're not a craft beer aficionado, and have very tasty food. 

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