Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Town Hall Brewery, Minneapolis

A few weeks ago, I was in Minneapolis for work, so I decided to check out the Town Hall Brewery, part of the city's burgeoning craft beer scene. Since it's also a brewpub, I could get dinner while tasting a beer or two (or three), making it a win-win. By the way, if you need a hotel suggestion in downtown, the renovated Hyatt Place is pretty remarkable, and well-located to boot.

Town Hall Brewery, Minneapolis

Since my plan was to eat and drink to excess (maybe), I decided to hoof it over, as it was just over a mile, and walking is one of my favorite ways to see a city. Downtown Minneapolis is undergoing some major changes, with Downtown East, a $400 million mixed-use development, going up next to the new Minnesota Vikings stadium. It's a five-block project: office towers, parking garage, retail space, 193 apartments and a four-acre urban park. Hope it works for them!

The Town Hall Brewery sits in an old, attractive building, with a beautiful patio for outdoor seating during clement weather. Since it was so busy and I was hot from walking, I opted to sit in the darker, cooler, interior. There are some interesting decorative pieces to adorn the otherwise spare space, featuring seating at the bar, at tables, or in booths.

Town Hall has many, many options for beer, so going with a flight seems the prudent thing to do. If you're still thirsty after a flight, order another or a pint of your favorite. The beers were all tasty, with many having a subtle unique flavor twist - I generally could not identify what made their IPA, for instance, different than other IPAs, but all the beers have their own taste, which is pretty cool. Maybe it's the water.

Food seems to be somewhat of an afterthought, based on the smallish menu and only 2 dessert offerings. I got a burger and fries and the plate came unadorned, looking pretty naked without a garnish or extra side. Still, it was tasty, as were the fries. The two dessert options didn't inspire me to order them, so after beer and dinner, I headed back to the hotel on foot, on the lookout for dessert and possibly an after-dinner drink.

Good, unique beers, great patio, classic bar, decent food, and friendly service make this a good option should you find yourself in Minneapolis. Good craft beer and pub food just can't be beat sometimes.

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