Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#WineStudio Session XV – The Independent Spirit: Wines of the USA

#WineStudio Session XV – The Independent Spirit: Wines of the USA

Protocol Wine Studio's #WineStudio in July revisits Le Metro – Wine Underground because July is all about independence and this curated collection just happens to contain bottles from states you may not normally recognize as wine-producing regions. We're tasting wines from Vermont, Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Virginia and meeting some independent spirits along the way. #WineStudio is here to school us on some of those states that are producing some kick-ass wine. As always, we’ll discuss each region: geography, grapes, climate, culture and cuisine and of course learn more about each winery and the good folk who lovingly produce these wines.

About #WineStudio and True Wine Culture: The True Wine Culture message is wine education, so that we may gain a better understanding of our world through wine and our part in that world – we’re continually searching and pioneering an American cultural perspective. #WineStudio prepares us to engage our brain and palate through this interactive online wine community.

Join us tonight and next Tuesday night, 8:00 PM ET, on Twitter - follow the hashtag #WineStudio.

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