Thursday, July 24, 2014

WBC15: Finger Lakes Wine Region, NY

It was quite disappointing not to participate in WBC14, as Santa Barbara seemed a beautiful location with lots of wines we had not had access to. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the budget, so it didn't happen. I was really excited to read that WBC15 was coming closer to home. The 2015 Wine Bloggers Conference will take place August 13-16, in the town of Corning, Finger Lakes region, New York. While we could fly to NY, it seems a perfect opportunity to take a few extra days and drive there, stopping to visit wineries in Ohion and Pennsylvania, tasting wines we've yet to try and adding a couple of states to our project along the way.

We've had some experience tasting the FLX wines over the last few years, generally the new Riesling vintages, but also reds, dessert, and ice wines as well. Quality across the board has been pretty high, so it will be exciting to taste the wines in situ. From photos and videos we've seen, the Finger Lakes are a gorgeous area and we cannot wait to see it in person.

I'll be extra diligent to include this trip into our 2015 budget - hope to see you there!

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