Thursday, July 31, 2014

Round Barn Brewery Public House

Round Barn Brewery Public House

We've been planning on a visit to the Round Barn Brewery and Public House in Baroda since the first time I read about it some time ago. While there are some good restaurants in SW Michigan, more options are always welcome, especially those focusing on craft beer and locally made wine. Round Barn is a one-stop shop for all your libation needs, as they are a winery, brewery, and distillery - awesome that Michigan is set up up so that can happen! Last week, driving around and looking at farms (future hops yard maybe?), my son and I finally timed it so we could check out this new dining option.

Decent looking architecturally, the interior has a typical bar look, with soaring ceilings, a view into the brewery in the back, and a long bar that stretches for much of the room. Tables are available inside and out, a nice perk when the weather is good or bad.

Pretty limited menu, with nary a burger or grilled cheese in sight. A true drawback in this area of great grass fed beef and good cheese. We decided to keep it simple and try one of the creative pizzas instead (at 12", it's enough for 2 or maybe 3 light eaters) - our choice was the fig and arugula pizza. I love figs and it was definitely an interesting choice as a pizza base, but it turned out to be too sweet for Tazer - he didn't even finish the pie, so we had slices to take home.

We were also there to drink - beer for me, root beer for him. Round Barn usually has 20 taps going, with flagship, seasonal, and experimental beers available. The best bet, in my opinion, is to get the flight, tasting 5 beers from across the menu. Economical and a good way to check out their options. The root beer was also good, according to Tazer, but unfortunately it's not brewed by Round Barn.

This is a good addition to the local casual eating and drinking scene and, with some minor tweaks, could be a great one. With plenty of beer, wine and liquor options, everyone can drink what they want and find something they like. The food was good, but the menu needs some basic down and dirty bar food, like the aforementioned burgers or grilled cheese. The higher level menu is nice, but sometimes you just want something simple with your beer.

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