Thursday, June 26, 2014

ImBIBE: “I’m A Big Illinois Beer Enthusiast!”

Imbibe: Verb. To drink. To absorb. Take in. Receive into the mind and retain.
ImBIBE: Acronym. “I’m A Big Illinois Beer Enthusiast!”

ImBIBE: “I’m A Big Illinois Beer Enthusiast!”

For Father's Day, I treated myself to a craft beer gift that will keep giving all year long. ImBIBE was established to unite enthusiasts of Illinois beer and the brewing culture of the 21st State of the Union. I figured it was a good way to learn about some breweries I hadn't heard of, maybe connect with some kindred souls, and oh, get some amazing benefits.

Included in the one-year membership is a subscription to DRAFT Magazine, discounts to beer festivals, a “Free Taster!” at Monk’s Pub – Chicago, a free pint at Greenbush Brewery, and so much more.

I appreciate that, while it's an Illinois Beer group, they don't limit themselves too much, i.e., they include Greenbush even though they are in Michigan. Looking forward to seeing what comes across from the group and getting even more involved in our local craft beer scene!

What other beer organizations are worth joining?

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  1. Great excuse to swing by Greenbush next time we're at Pier :)