Thursday, May 29, 2014

Urban Legend Brewing Co, Westmont, IL

"Some Legends are Born...Others are Brewed!"

Urban Legend Brewing Co

A couple of weeks ago, after a shopping jaunt to Whole Foods, I decided to stop by Urban Legend Brewing Company, to check out the brewery and taste their wines. As I pulled up, 3 year old son in tow, the guy sitting outside (who turned out to be assistant brewer Mike) looked at me quizzically. Turns out they weren't going to be open for another 5 or 6 hours or so. Also, under age humans were not permitted in the brewery either. Wow, bummer. Being good people, Mike offered to set a table up outside for my son to enjoy a snack and for me to taste a few beers. Nice.

It's not a large space, with some room at the front for a bar, some tables, and some stools. I can imagine this place gets pretty crowded in the evenings, especially when their food truck neighbor, Chicago Pizza Boss, parks outside to make fresh pizza.

I tasted a few beers, chatted with Mike, then we headed out with a bomber of Elizabeth for further research. I'll definitely be back to taste through the rest of their repertoire, taste some pizza, and hang out with these good folks.

More information can be found on the Urban Legend Brewing Company website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Urban Legend Brewing Company is located at 1115 Zygmunt Circle Westmont, IL 60559.

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