Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Two Brothers Brewing TapHouse, Warrenville, IL

Two Brothers Brewing TapHouse

Off a main road, well-hidden, with no signs, the Two Brothers Brewing TapHouse is not something you'd stumble across by chance. You have to seek it out, either by recommendation or luck. We've been wanting to visit the brewery for a tour for quite some time now, but have never been able to get it together. A few weekends ago, however, they held an event with All Herding Breeds Rescue, a dog organization through whom we are planning on adopting our next dogs (whenever that may be). Win-win: we get to try out the TapHouse and the kids get to play with dogs. Perfect.

Except for the small lettering on the door, you wouldn't guess there was a brewery inside the industrial building, let alone a place to sit down and eat. Enter through the small store, however, and the comfortable looking eatery is laid out before you. A window mostly blocked by large tanks allows for a small glimpse of the brewery beyond, but a full tour will be needed to really check it out.

With the special event happening, there was a special menu to choose from, and plenty of beer options to fit most tastes. We ended up ordering 6 tastes of varying beers, both year-round and specials. Of the 6, I really liked 2, was okay with one, and the rest was happy to leave to Laima to finish. Flat out the best thing about beer (and wine) flights - plenty of tasting but you're not stuck with a glass of something you don't want.

Food was pretty typical in terms of bar and grill presentation, though the special items we ordered showed quite a bit of creativity. Everything tasted good, though some of the bread items seemed on the stale side. Sweet potato and standard fries both had great flair, but I would have preferred them a bit crispier. The kids menu allows for adding more of the entree for a small up charge, which would have been a good idea for our big eaters. It seems like brewpubs are more open minded with kids menus, supplementing the typical french fries on the side with an option to get a fruit bowl instead. Hooray for craft brewers! Unlike some other brewpubs, however, Two Brothers does not brew their own root beer, which is a shame, as our kids are becoming aficionados of the drink.

If you're in the area, this is a good option to seek out. Blackwell Forest Preserve, the Kane Cougars stadium, the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and others are all in the area, so combine a lunch here with an outing elsewhere. Unless you're sure of a specific beer you want, go the sample route and taste some things you may not have experienced before - you may find a new favorite!

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  1. Just so you know, Two Brothers does brew a cinnamon root beer. :)

    1. Liz, the waitress misinformed us then - we'll have to ask again next time. Thanks for the tip.