Tuesday, April 22, 2014

World Malbec Day Winechat

Last week was World Malbec Day and, if you participated, on hell of a wine chat featuring Argentine Malbecs. With seemingly endless bottles being discussed, the banter was fast and furious, easily one of the quickest hours I've spent discussing wine.

Famiglia Bianchi 2011 Malbec

There is no one style of Malbec wine, though a hallmark is its earthiness and ability to pair with heavier meat dishes. Some of the highlights from wines we tasted: organically grown grapes, high altitude (750 meters above sea level) vineyards; native yeasts used; aged in oak; blackberry, dark plum, mushroom, and vanilla aromas; smoky plum, cola, unripe berry, red plum and raspberry flavors; medium mouthfeel; tannic finishes. Most of the wines clocked in at or above 14% ABV, but were well-balanced, so not an issue. 

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