Thursday, April 3, 2014

Underground Cellar's Sonoma Winecation Giveaway!

Sonoma Winecation Giveaway

Talk about a giveaway worth winning: a weekend stay at the luxurious Villa Terra Nova Wine Country Retreat in Sonoma, CA. valued at $6,500.00 (US Dollars). Additional prizes include over $3,000.00 of gift cards for free wine. Details on entering the contest can be found at Underground Cellar.

After successfully beta-testing their website, Underground Cellar is opening its program to the general public. Rather than providing value to buyers through discounts, value is provided through randomized upgrades to more premium wines. Not only does this allow a winery to maintain its price point by never advertising it at a discount, but it also provides a fun new way for wine consumers to experience high-end wines they might not otherwise purchase or even have access to.

Underground Cellar also allows its members to accumulate and store their purchases for free and for an unlimited amount of time in its state-of-the-art, humidity and temperature controlled wine cellar located in Napa Valley, CA. Known as the “CloudCellar,” members can mix-and-match bottles from different wineries over time, and when they are ready to receive them can simply click on their “CloudCellar” tab and select which bottles they want delivered to their door (members can even request them to arrive chilled and ready to drink nearly anywhere in the US). This provides buyers a cost-effective way to try wines from many different wineries, because by collecting bottles together the user can save on shipping fees: it’s only $5 to ship 6 bottles, with free shipping on 12 or more.

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