Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Haute Sausage Restaurant, Chicago

Haute Sausage Storefront

It started with a food truck and that was very, very good. Now, happily, you don't need to track that down to get at the tasty food. The menu is based on owner's Rich Levy's experience growing up in South Africa, in the Middle East, and the Midwest. Result: tasty sausage-based sandwiches.

The newish Haute Sausage storefront is an awesome addition to the newly-formed foodie block on South Franklin. Kind of a non-descript interior, plaster animal heads are the only unusual design element. Seating for 24 or so means that you may have to take your orders to-go depending on day and time.

Haute Sausage Food In-House

What I've eaten so far:
  • El Puerco (special) - decent, hard to eat with the toppings falling off - would have liked more kick to the pickled veggies.
  • BBQ Boerewors - meh; nothing bad, just not great. Had the unfortunate luck to follow the Peppercorn (see below).
  • Peppercorn Steak - I died and went to heaven, easily the best sausage I've had in a long, long time, great flavors and textures. Bravo.
  • Sheboygan Brat - good take on the traditional brat.
  • Elmwood Pork - second favorite, nice strong flavors and enough cheese to hold everything inside the bun.
  • Yucca Fries - maybe my favorite fries ever, crisp and sweet with a lot of black pepper.
  • Cheddar Chips - okay, chips tasted a bit stale and were slightly singed around the edges; where the cheeses had melted onto a chip, pretty darn good.
Haute Sausage Food To-Go Tray

I love that sausages are sold as Shorties (half size) for more opportunities to taste across the menu. Yucca fries are an amazing side while Cheddar Chips need a bit of tweaking to reach their full potential - more cheese, please! Everything on the menu is good, with occasional specials and some unusual meats (bison, alligator) thrown in for good measure.

Highly recommended!

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