Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Underground Cellar

A wine club, but not a wine club. Join for free, no monthly dues, yup, not a wine club. Underground Cellar offers limited-time deals on wines in an unusual way: pay one price, get wines of varying values.

"Our crack team of wine curators hunts far and wide for unique and private stashes of high-quality, hard-to-find wines from famous wineries as well as hidden-gems from boutique wineries. Every bottle is taste-tested and hand-selected. If the wine passes our high standards, then we’ll pass the deal on to our members. If it doesn’t- we flush it, recycle it, and never speak of it again."
A twist is that every bottle of wine you order is eligible for a free random upgrade to a higher quality bottle of wine. If you're an active member and get lots of friends to join Underground Cellar, you have a better chance of getting an upgraded bottle of wine in your shipment.

Cons? You only get the wine if the offer sells out, If it doesn't sell out, then no dice.

Get yo' wine on in the Underground Cellar Video

What if you don't have room for all those bottles you just bought? Underground Cellar offers the CloudCellar. That's their state-of-the-art temperature controlled Napa Valley wine cellar where you can store and collect any bottles of wine you order even if it's just a single bottle. How much does it cost to store wine in the CloudCellar? Storing wine in your CloudCellar is free. Forever. When you're ready to drink, just log into your account and select “Ship this case now”, and the bottles will automatically be shipped to your door. Amazing.

Ready to join? Head over to Underground Cellar, sign up, and start checking out the offers!

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