Thursday, January 9, 2014

Obed and Isaac's, Springfield, IL

Obed and Isaac's

On the way back from St Louis and the Show Me State wineries, we decided to stop in Springfield and take in some Presidential history. Our plan started with a visit to Abraham Lincoln's home, which is set in a recreated street from that time, and run (quite well) by the National Park Service. After lunch we headed over to the Lincoln Tomb, which turned out to be closing for a 4 month restoration the next day, lucky us.

We happily discovered that Obed and Isaac's, a microbrewery in Springfield, also has a restaurant (with plans for expansion well underway) all of which sits a block away from the Lincoln Home historical district.  The restaurant sits in an attractive older home, with the expansion next door in an even more beautiful building; the brewery sits between the two buildings.

The menu is typical pub fare, with my son's Pony Shoe being a table favorite (a Pony Shoe is half a Horseshoe sandwich: originating in Springfield, this is open-faced sandwich topped with meat, covered with French fries, then smothered with a cheese sauce - Yum!). The Roast Beef and Gouda Panini was tasty, but not much bite to the horseradish sauce. The Pub Burger was simple yet good, with happy kids eating Grilled Cheese and Mac-n-Cheese to round it out.

Being at a brewpub, we felt obligated (in a good way) to taste their beer. I'm a fan of dark beers (and a sucker for fun names), so I had an easy choice, opting for the Silly Pants Stout, which was quite good, though a bit light for a stout. You can also get growlers of their beer to go.

Obed and Isaac's food

If you're in Springfield, it's worth checking out the restaurant, especially if you're visiting the Lincoln Home. Nothing fancy, but decent beer and food, good location, what more could you ask for?

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