Thursday, December 12, 2013

Experiencing Colorado Wine

Experiencing Colorado Wine: The Dry Red Wines (Littleton, CO: Apex Publications, 2013) by C.S. Vin (a pseudonym) was sent to us for review recently. We have a special interest in Colorado wines because we have been going to Breckenridge for Spring Break skiing for a few years now. But, to our chagrin, we've only tasted one Colorado wine while there (though we did get to taste a few more at the Great American Wine Festival).

Experiencing Colorado Wine: The Dry Red Wines

The book is a guide to dry red wines made only from vitis vinifera grapes - no wines made from hybrids or other fruits were included). Its purpose is to introduce the Colorado winemaking industry to a larger audience, suggest wine and food pairings, and promote the idea that what we taste has less to do with taste buds and sense of smell and more to do with our emotions.

The book is filled with interviews (with winegrowers, winemakers, chefs, and more), the author's experience at each winery, and his personal favorite from each winery. Pains are taken to reiterate that wine is personal, with each person bringing different experience to the tasting table. Location is important as well: tasting wine while a bear strolls up to the deck you are standing on will certainly taste differently then other times!

We were especially excited to read the sections that have to do with Creekside Cellars, as we have connected with winemaker Michelle Cleveland and are planning on visiting the winery this Spring, on our way to Breckenridge. This book has certainly whetted our appetite for that upcoming experience!

This title is Volume I of "The Premier Guide to Quality and Styles." Volume II, covering white, rosé, and sweet wines is scheduled for release in 2014.

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