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Turkey Leftover Wine Pairings: Holiday Turkey Panini

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and your fridge is packed full of leftovers. What to do? Wagner Family of Wine provided us with some recipes and a suggested wine pairing. We tested their offering along with a few others. Of course, any of these wines should definitely be under consideration for your Thanksgiving table!

This recipe is for Holiday Turkey Panini, paired with the 2011 Conundrum Wines Red (SRP $22.00).

Turkey Leftover Wine Pairings: Turkey Panini with Conundrum Wines Red

Holiday Turkey Panini
  • Large yellow onion, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 2 T olive oil
  • 1/4 tsp each dried paprika and cumin
  • 8 slices chewy brown bread (we substituted California sourdough for the extra bite of flavor)
  • 4-5 T softened butter
  • 2 T finely minced celery
  • 1 tsp fresh oregano leaves, chopped (we substituted dried)
  • 12 oz turkey
  • 8 thin slices bacon, browned and crisp (we used thicker, homemade bacon)
  • 1 oz pepper jack cheese (this seems low, perhaps 1 oz per serving makes more sense) (or we just like more cheese)
  • Arugula, washed and stemmed
  • More olive oil, salt, pepper for salad dressing
  • Fry sliced onion in 2 T olive oil until soft and medium brown; stir in spices and set aside to cool.
  • Butter a slice of bread for each panini and place butter side down.
  • Top with remaining ingredients, place other bread piece on top, butter exposed side.
  • Cook in panini press or in heavy skillet, using weight to compress sandwiches slightly.
  • Garnish each plate with arugula salad.
  • Add a glass of Conundrum Red, eat, and enjoy!
This meal worked on so many levels. We were glad that we substituted the sourdough bread in - the tanginess of the bread added yet another layer of good taste to a sandwich which had plenty of it. The Conundrum Red had the heft and fruit to stand up to the wealth of flavors, yet didn't overwhelm the panini either. Great all around food wine and a good addition to this meal as well as the Thanksgiving feast itself.

Other wines to consider:

Thanksgiving Wines
Cultivate Wines The Feast California Red Wine 2010 (SRP $17.99) - another big bodied red blend that stood up to the saltiness and spices of the sandwich without getting in the way of the food. Bonus: Cultivate gives back 10 cents of every dollar to help fund opportunity and hope in communities across the globe.

Cultivate Wines Dream Walking California Chardonnay 2009 (SRP $17.99) - A white wine with enough body, mouthfeel, acidity, and subtle sweetness to be a wonderful accompaniment to the sandwich. Really interesting that both this Chardonnay and their red blend worked with this meal.

Josh Cellars 2012 Chardonnay (SRP $13.99) - plush mouthfeel with appropriate oak and acidity make this a great complement, especially to the subtle spiciness of the pepper jack cheese. Bonus: For every bottle sold between November 1 - December 31, Josh Cellars will donate $1 (up to $50,000) to Operation Homefront, supporting military heroes and their families.
This is recipe two of three in this wine and food pairing series - also includes:
Disclaimer: These wines were provided for promotional purposes.

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