Friday, November 22, 2013

E3 VIP Luxury Tailgating

E3 VIP Soldier Field

A few weeks ago, we were invited to tailgate for the Chicago Bears-Bengals game. Hold on though, this was not your typical tailgate experience, but an over-the-top luxury event put on by E3 VIP. While there is nothing wrong with opening your cooler, popping a few sausages on the grill, and kicking back by your car, why not step it up and have your own chef, bartender, and DJ?
"E3 VIP provides 3 types of travel and event services; VIP Luxury Mobile Tours for groups of 20 and more, offered as mobile cocktail parties; Custom Mobile Luxury Event Services, targeted at corporate event planners that have specific “luxury experience” requirements; and Luxury Tailgate membership and corporate sponsorship opportunities, for professional and collegiate football games offered by E3 VIP in the greater Chicago area."
E3 VIP food and drinks

We parked near the Planetarium, then walked over to the E3 VIP section, with its carpeted space, tent, Pop-Chips truck, and RV (the RV is used for inclement weather, but we poked our heads in for a quick glimpse - nice). So what does E3 VIP provide? Besides the private area (no riff-raff here, though they did let us in, haha), there is food on the grill (prepared by Guy Fieri! not really but fun nonetheless), almost a full bar, and a DJ (maybe I'm just an old curmudgeon, but the music was too loud, hard to talk). Laima opted to start with a  Bloody Mary while I enjoyed a Lagunitas beer. I wish they included mimosas, as 9:30 is pretty early for me to start drinking the harder stuff, though clearly most others have no such compunction. Available food included Polish sausages, pork tenderloin sliders (yummy),  grilled shrimp, lamb chops, and more. The benefits of the open grill are the freshness of the food, the enjoyment of watching it made right there, and the amazing smells. 

Laima and Otis Wilson

What could be better than a little star power to go with the rest of all this pampering? We got to meet Otis Wilson, who won a Super Bowl as a member of the 1985 Chicago Bears. That is a serious sized ring he wears! Gracious with all the guests, Otis chatted freely and posed for numerous photos. I'm sure it must have gotten tiring after a while, but he remained affable as long as we were there. Check out the Otis Wilson Foundation to see the good work he's doing.

Want to make a weekend of it? Hyatt Regency McCormick Place is offering a special: Stay for only $159 a night when you purchase a Bears E3 VIP Tailgate Pass, that includes an Executive Suite with breakfast and parking. Not bad!

E3 VIP has also tailgated at Northwestern games, so if you're a college football fan, you're in luck. Of course, they're happy to set up a custom outing or event for you as well - just ask. E3 is also taking the show on the road, with planned visits to the Phoenix Open, the Super Bowl, the Master's, and the Kentucky Derby.

This is serious fun, combining the luxury of a skybox say and the camaraderie of sitting in a parking lot with your buddies. Only better. We'd be happy to join them again any time they wanted.

More information on the luxury tours, tailgating, and mobile event services can be found on the E3 VIP website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This event was provided to us for review purposes.

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