Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dressing the Part: Wine Casual

Before attending the Wine Tourism Conference last week, one of the things I thought about was how I needed to dress. Professional? Business Casual? Turns out, the answer is Wine Casual (I think that means wine stains on your shirt are okay). Also, being a blogger at a wine tourism industry event meant that I wanted to get noticed, but not look the fool. Hmmmmm....

Enter Allied Shirts - just in time, they offered to let me make a custom t-shirt to test out their services. After a few false starts, I decided on one of my favorite wine sayings: "I'm not a WiNO, I'm a WineYES!" Funny, but not too boorish. Long sleeve, because I wasn't sure how cool the weather would be. The hardest part was picking a color of shirt, so I went with light blue, to bring out the color in my eyes (also a simple black and white design showed up well).

I'm not a WiNO, I'm a WineYES

The process is simple. Pick a shirt. Add text or clip art, or both, in any order you want. Play with the sizes of font and art to make sure it's legible and laid out the way you like it. Finalize. Place order. That's it.

Allied estimated a delivery date range, then proceeded to beat it easily, which meant it arrived on time so that I could show it off at the Conference. I wore it to the Great American Wine Festival, where everyone seemed to enjoy it - one young lady even asked to take a photo of it!

Disclaimer: This shirt was provided to me for review purposes.

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