Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wine Century Club

Wine Century Club

Yesterday, I received official acceptance into the Wine Century Club. It's been great fun searching out new varietals, especially as it forces one to drink from unfamiliar regions of the world. Membership requirements are that one taste at least 100 different grape varieties, which I did easily - now I'm working on my 200 (Doppel), 300 (Treble), 400 (Quattro) or 500 (Pentavini) memberships!

The Wine Century Club:
We Are:
  • People who enjoy wine
  • Wine adventurers
  • Consumers and promoters of uncommon wine grape varieties
We Are Not:

  • Wine Snobs
  • Advocates of single varietal wines (Although we like single varietal wines, we don’t favor them over wines blended from several different grape varieties – there are simply too many great blends!)
  • Anti-Chardonnay
  • Anti-Merlot (Pass the Petrus, please!)
If you want to follow along as I head for the 200 (Doppel) mark, head over to my Wine Century Club page - cheers!

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