Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wine Mosaic: Protecting Mediterranean Grapes

Even though (for some inexplicable reason) the Wine Century Club is not responding to our requests for membership, Laima and I love searching out and trying different varietals, the more the merrier. While it's not necessarily a bad thing for a winery in Michigan to grow Syrah grapes, we're more excited to see a Kerner or Lemberger or other more unusual varietal. With literally thousands of varietals to choose from, it's sad to discover that "20 major grape varieties account for 80% of the world’s wine production."

Wine Mosaic Logo

We were excited to discover that there are actually groups who have organized to save some of these more unusual grapes. A recent find was the Wine Mosaic, whose goal is the protection and promotion original Mediterranean grape varieties. The project is based around two fundamental ideas:
Production: highlight original varieties. Develop practical measures to ensure their preservation, and increase the production of quality wines made from these varieties.
Consumption: raise the awareness and consumption of wines made from original grape varieties.
A project worth applauding and promoting. Find more information on the Wine Mosaic website, on Facebook, and Twitter.

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