Thursday, September 5, 2013

Digital Wine Communications Conference

Organized by Vrazon, the DWCC is the only international event dedicated to the convergence of wine and the web, providing a platform for the global wine community to address today’s online communications opportunities. The annual, three-day event is helping to build an international network of wine communicators, and also encourages the acquisition of skills and information and the exchange of expertise across national, language and professional boundaries.
Much like the artist formerly known as Prince (AFKAP), the former European Wine Bloggers Conference is now known as the Digital Wine Communications Conference (DWCC). I can see why a name change might be necessary, as we never really considered attending, mostly for financial reasons, though obviously we're not European bloggers either.

Digital Wine Communications Conference

Previous incarnations have been in Izmir, Turkey; Brescia, Italy; Vienna, Austria; Lisbon, Portugal; and Rioja, Spain, where it returns again in 2013. Any one of these would have been a great destination in its own right, without adding in the networking and educational activities.

So why are we writing about the DWCC? As in previous years, we don't have the finances to go. But, as with the 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference in Penticton, BC, there is a small chance that we can snag a scholarship. Yes, there is a European Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship! We're thinking of applying and, of course, attending the conference if we get the funds. It would be a great trip for the travel, the wine, and another event to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary (also in October). The deadline for the scholarship application is September 15th, so we have a few days left to ponder and polish, but what's to lose?

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