Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Anderson's Winery, Valparaiso, IN

Our first opportunity to visit an Indiana winery came this past weekend, on our way to Union Pier, MI for an early anniversary celebration. We decided to swing a bit out of our way and pay Anderson's Winery, in Valparaiso, a visit. Started in 1927, Anderson's has grown over the years to include a bakery, fudge factory, gift shop, beer and wine making supplies, and a greenhouse.

Anderson's Winery, Valparaiso, IN
"On the southernmost tip of Lake Michigan, just south of the largest sand dunes in the Midwest, lies a ridge formed thousands of years ago by the glaciers as they crept south during the three great Ice Ages that covered the mid-western area and created the Great Lakes. This ridge is called the Valparaiso Moraine. It is the highest point in northwest Indiana, and home to one of Indiana's best kept secrets, Anderson's Vineyard and Winery.
Unfortunately, this winery is not really our cup of tea. Best described as country kitsch, the store is chock full of rustic decor and has a somewhat dated feeling, definitely needs an update, in our opinion. The wines definitely need improving - we though they tasted like homemade wines our grandfathers might have made. This, of course, is highly subjective. While we were there, another couple tasted their wines and bought three bottles, and they've been in business for many years, so obviously, there is a market for their wares. On the positive side, the donuts were pretty good and I thought the outdoor picnic area looked like a good place to enjoy an alfresco lunch.

Anderson's Winery video

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