Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baroda Founders Wine Cellar

"Baroda Founders Wine Cellar is nestled in the heart of southwest Michigan, one of the best grape growing regions of the world. With Lake Michigan to the west, the climate is ideal for growing bountiful harvests of fruit. The area is called the Lake Michigan Shore AVA (American Vinticultural Area) and it allows us and our fellow Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail wineries to produce high-quality award-winning wines."
Laima and I really enjoy driving around Berrien County, Southwest Michigan's wine country, and try to visit wineries whenever we have a chance. Since we try to get up there most weekends during the summer, it happens more often than not. It has been a dream of mine for quite a few years now to buy some land and start a winery there and, as the quality of wine has increased each year, the yen becomes stronger and stronger.

Baroda Founders Wine Cellar

Founders Wine Cellar has strong ties to the history of winemaking in this region. Leonard Olson, Wine Master, started in this area in the late 1960’s, when Olson and a partner planted the first commercial European vines in Michigan. Len obtained the first new Michigan winery license since prohibition and opened Tabor Hill in 1972.

If you get a chance to visit Founders Cellar, do so. There are wines for most palates and, if you're lucky, Len will be in. He's quite the raconteur, so strike up a conversation.

Baroda Founders Wine Cellar video

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