Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NewAir AWC-270E 27 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

Are you familiar with the Wine At Right Temperature (WART) Campaign? WART is for those who believe that red wines at room temp are too warm and whites from the fridge too cold. Over the years, I've read plenty about the proper temperature to store wines (about 56 degrees Fahrenheit, with minimal disturbance also a key), but it wasn't until we received a wine cooler to try out that I realized how important temperature is to the ENJOYMENT of wine as well.

NewAir AWC-270E 27 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

When the wine cooler arrived for our product test, the AWC-270E 27 bottle compressor wine cooler from NewAir was, for the most part, ready to go. Unboxing, taking out packing materials inside the cooler, and adding the door handle was all it took for it to be ready. The compressor–based system cools down to 39° F, though we set it at the aforementioned 56° F. It can hold up to 27 bottles of wine – over 2 cases, though one of the 5 slide out chrome shelves needed to be removed to hold our magnum of Champagne (our only complaint). Insulated doors provide UV protection and preserve wine. We placed the wine cooler next to our dining room sideboard, for easy access -- it's nice not to have to go down to the "cellar" to get more wine. The NewAir AWC-270E has a black cabinet and stainless steel door, which goes just fine with the wooden furniture we have.

We don't usually have 27 bottles on hand (wishful thinking), but we came up with a system nonetheless: whites and Rosés on the top shelf or two, then reds, Champagne magnum on the bottom-most shelf, with Bordeauxs in the pull-out bin. We'll drink the Bordeauxs (a '66, '82, and '85) on a special occasion, so easy access is not a priority. 56° F seems the ideal temperature for the reds, though not cold enough for the whites or Rosés (for our taste) -- we could probably lower the temp, but it isn't important enough for the added energy costs.

We are really happy to have received this compressor wine cooler from NewAir for review -- it certainly opened our eyes to drinking at the right temperature. It's also nice to have such easy access to the wine from our table -- I could imagine buying a larger-capacity cooler to place in the basement as an actual wine cellar. With its simple good looks, efficient operation, and ease of use, this is definitely an item that should be on every wine-lovers list.

More information can be found on the NewAir website, via Facebook, Twitter, the NewAir blog, and YouTube

Disclaimer: This product was provided to us for review purposes -- all opinions are my own.

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