Friday, May 17, 2013

WBC13 = New Business Cards!

50 States Of Wine business card

Nothing like a Wine Bloggers Conference to impel me towards professionalism (not that it's ever going to happen). First order of business, business cards! Love going on the websites and just playing around with the designs. It just so happens that Vistaprint is having a sale on their "Premium" business cards (much like rug stores, business card websites are always seemingly having going out of business sales). I've designed a card once before for the blog, but it's somewhat flowery and fey and hard to read, not the image I want to project. Today I found a nice simple design (as seen above) that gave me a nice, simple, clean design, with neutralish colors and a clear indication that I'm all about wine. Not only will I no longer be embarrassed at wine tastings and restaurant reviews to pass over my business card, but even more so at WBC13!

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  1. Nice! And after having been to two bloggers conferences, I can say, good move to make them.

  2. Wow! It looks great! I really need to make some. Thanks for the reminder!