Friday, April 19, 2013

Giordano Wines

When Giordano Wines asked if I'd like some tasting samples, I jumped at the chance. The Giordano family has been producing wine in Valle Talloria since 1900. The real heart and history of Giordano lies in the cellars of Valle Talloria d’Alba, where the wine is aged. For over one hundred years this is where all aspects of the winery’s activity took place. Giordano wines range from classic geographic appellation wines (D.O.C.s and D.O.C.G.s) from Piedmont to the excellent wines of southern Italy produced at Giordano’s Torricella winery in Apulia, as well as wines from many of Italy’s most renowned viticultural regions.

I was sent 3 wines to taste.

Giordano Wines Piemonte Maestri Italiani Chardonnay

The 2012 Piemonte Maestri Italiani Chardonnay has a light straw color, with citrus and tropical fruit aroma, honeyed melon flavor, round mouthfeel, and a lingering finish.

Giordano Wines Nebbiolo D'Alba Maestri Italiani

The 2010 Nebbiolo D'Alba Maestri Italiani is a beautiful garnet red, with dark cherry and plum aromas, same on palate, nice round mouthfeel, nice balance with tannic structure, a long finish with vanilla flavor.

Giordano Wines Toscano Rosso

The Toscano Rosso 2010 shows nicely in the glass with its ruby color, tart cherry aroma, light-medium body, ending with a smooth finish with vanilla overtones. Opened up nicely over the course of an hour.

More information can be found on the Giordano Wines website, on Facebook, and Twitter.

Disclaimer: These wines were sent to me for review purposes, free of charge. Some information was taken from the company website, but all opinions are my own.

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