Friday, March 29, 2013

50 States Of Wine T-Shirt

When offered to send me a free t-shirt with the 50 States Of Wine logo, I was a bit stumped. Free shirt, but I don't have a logo designed yet. What to do? One of the ideas I've toyed with for a logo involves the 50 states in outline, but I wasn't sure about the specifics. After some thought, I decided to put the logo on the back burner and just think about a t-shirt design.

50 States Of Wine T-Shirt

Above is the first t-shirt design for tracking my 50 States Of Wine project - as we visit and taste in the state, it will be filled on map and crossed off in list using fabric paint. Should be a colorful way to track!

Working with was simple. I created a word doc with the title, image, and list of states, then sent it over as a pdf. Their designers cleaned it up, centered everything, and the design was done. My initial plan was to have the writing and image in black on a light shirt, but they suggested the reverse, and I'm glad they did -- should stay clean looking longer and the colors will pop more as they are filled in.

Disclaimer: This shirt was sent to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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