Friday, February 22, 2013

Finger Lakes Wine Alliance Virtual Tasting – Reds

Finger Lakes Wine Alliance Virtual Tasting Reds

Wednesday night we had the opportunity to once again taste wines from the Finger Lakes Region of New York. We've been fans for some time now of the white wines coming out of the region, including sparkling and ice wines, but were excited to taste some reds this go-around.

Finger Lakes Wine Alliance Virtual Tasting Reds Flight 1

Flight 1:
  • 2011 Silver Thread Vineyard Blackbird, slight berries on the nose, earthy palate intertwined with fruit, medium mouthfeel and finish.
  • 2007 Swedish Hill Wine Optimus - earthy fruit nose, dark cherry flavor, medium mouthfeel, tarter oaky and shorter finish.
  • 2010 Heron Hill Winery Cabernet Franc, spice fruit and cocoa nose, oak wrapped fruit, luscious mouthfeel, chocolaty smooth finish. Definitely one of the top three of the night for me.
  • 2010 Damiani Wine Cab Franc Reserve - mossy nose, lots of oak, smooth long finish. Closed, needs some time to open up, in my opinion.

Finger Lakes Wine Alliance Virtual Tasting Reds Flight 2

Flight 2:
  • 2010 Rooster Hill Estate Lemberger - slate nose, dark cherry fruit, abrupt finish.
  • 2010 Atwater Wine Pinot Noir - bright tart cherry aroma, light body, smooth mouthfeel, medium finish. According to the winemaker, this is a wine for drinking with food, and we agreed -- a bit light to stand on its own.
  • 2011 Hector Wine Company Essence - peppery nose, continuing on palate, round mouthfeel, medium finish. Another top three for the evening.
  • 2008 McGregor Vineyard Black Russian Red - dark plum on the nose, mineral fruit flavor, long finish. This was not only a really tasty wine, but it added two new varietals to my Wine Century Club  project: Saperavi and Sereksiya Charni!
We were impressed with the overall quality and taste of these reds -- some of them are on par with the reds coming out of California, with good balance, judicious oaking, and great taste.

Looking forward to not only drinking more Finger Lakes Region wines, but also planning a trip there -- the area looks gorgeous!

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