Monday, January 14, 2013

Meatless Monday: Sweet Potato Soup with Lime

To me, winter means plenty of opportunities to make soup. Usually thick, hearty meals that are chock full of veggies and a grain or beans (or both) for some texture. When I saw the recipe for this Sweet Potato with Lime Soup, I knew I had to try it as an alternative.

Sweet Potato with Lime Soup

Sweet Potatoes
Black Pepper
Chopped Onion
Chopped Garlic
Chopped Celery (I forgot this)
Lime Zest
Lime Juice
Vegetable Stock
Coconut Milk
Preheat oven to 425. Toss cubed sweet potatoes with oil, black pepper, and salt. Roast until soft and lightly caramelized. Use stock to deglaze roasting pan, add to slow cooker along with remaining ingredients, reserving lime juice and lime zest. Set slow cooker to Low and cook 5 hours. Using an immersion blender, process until smooth, then add lime juice to taste. Ladle into bowls, garnish with lime zest, and serve.

This was a fantastic soup, and so easy to make. The sweet potatoes are quite sweet, but the lime adds a nice tart contrast. We added toasted pine nuts for some crunch and as a source of protein.

Recipe from Carla Kelly’s Quick and Easy Vegan Slow Cooking (New York, NY: The Experiment, 2012)

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  1. This sounds so good--love anything with lime in it. And it's funny b/c I was just setting my crockpot up for an African stew tonight (heavy on sweet potatoes)!