Thursday, August 16, 2012

Greenbush Brewing Taproom, Sawyer, MI

Greenbush Brewing Taproom

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of stopping into the Greenbush Brewing Taproom, in Sawyer, MI. Greenbush has a great reputation, and we’ve tried their beers on occasion at restaurants around Southwest Michigan. This was our first opportunity to plan a trip there and actually effect it.

The Taproom has an interesting history, having been an auto shop, a plumbing shop, a laundromat/video rental/garden shop (what?), a laundromat/coffee shop, a men only bar and later became the Albatross. The bar was bought and then became the San Francisco Brewing Company and yet later, The Comstock Saloon.

The brewing system, seen behind a wall of windows, features a hand-crafted solid copper 7 barrel brew kettle made by Fred Zaft, who was a noted coppersmith in the San Francisco Bay area. This was the second to last kettle he ever built. It was housed in a pre-turn of the century bar on Columbus Avenue in North Beach, which is the old Italian neighborhood in San Francisco. The bar had at a point been totally restored to its past glory (replete with a "self-flushing spittoon" under the bar (yes, it was actually a urinal), now, unfortunately, gone.

The room itself is a mix of industrial chic and comfortable seating, with tables of varying heights giving some options to sit at traditional height or on a barstool. There is also an outdoor seating area, which, to our happy surprise, is a no smoking area, really great as we sat next to the exterior door. The façade of the building is a large expanse of windows, allowing plenty of natural light and views of the street scene.

Greenbush Brewing Taproom Food Collage

We skipped appetizers and all ordered Toasted Sandwiches (made with fresh baked breads, served with a pickle and side). Four of us opted for the Grilled Cheese (Michigan cheddar, provolone and swiss sandwich on multi grain). Tazer, being a huge fan of root beer, opted for the Turkey Bacon Melt (Turkey brined in root beer and smoked with ancho chiles, served with bacon, Michigan white cheddar and horseradish remoulade on multi grain), which, while very tasty, did not reflect a root beer flavor. Laima tried the Roast Beef and Provolone (Roast beef, provolone, pesto aioli and Joel’s magically delicious house-made hot giardiniera on focaccia), which she pronounced the best of the sandwiches she tried. The chips on the side were fresh and crunchy, and the pickles were deemed satisfactory, especially by Tazer, who ate 4 quarters himself. Soups and salads are also available, perhaps we’ll delve into those next time.

If you’re in the area, or driving by on I-94, definitely plan on stopping in for food and drink. Lots of beer varieties to choose from, with seasonal brews making their appearance when appropriate. Food was good, if crafted a bit slowly, and was really tassty, as were the drinks we chose.

Greenbush Brewing can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Yum! I love a restaurant that makes the whole family happy.