Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gravity Wine, Baroda, MI

Gravity Wine Collage

Gravity Wine is a newer (October 2011) winery in Baroda, MI. Over 30 acres of grapes have been cultivated for many years, though sold under contract to other winemakers in the area. As those contracts are completed, more of their own grapes will be used to vinify their own wines. As it is, all their bottles are Lake Michigan Shore AVA. Gravity Hour is held Friday nights June - October from music, pulled pork sandwiches, and lots of fun! Tasting is available Friday-Saturday 12-8, Sunday-Thursday 12-6; please note that groups of 10 or more need reservations on the weekend. We had the opportunity to taste there recently and it is well worth searching out! A great addition to the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail.

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