Thursday, August 30, 2012

Darcie Kent Vineyards

Darcie Kent Vineyards

Founded in 1996 in Livermore, CA, Darcie Kent Vineyards is the team of Vintner/proprietor Darcie Kent and Winemaker Julian Halasz. Darcie’s ancestors came to the United States from their vineyards in Switzerland to cultivate the Missouri River Valley into a wine-growing area. Darcie’s great-grandfather, Christian Ruegsegger, arrived in St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1875 and founded Alpine Winery, U.S. bonded winery #62, in 1883. An artist, himself, Christian also created his own art for his wine labels. Continuing that wine art tradition at Darcie Kent Vineyards, each wine is finished with a label painted by vintner and artist, Darcie Kent.

Darcie Kent Vineyards - Art of the Vine

The Livermore Valley is ideal for growing grapes and Darcie Kent Vineyards handcrafts small lots of single-vineyard wines using Darcie’s own estate-grown fruit, as well as grapes sourced from several highly respected family-farmed Central Coast vineyards. Darcie Kent wines are vibrant expressions of the “art of the vine,” each one an impeccable reflection of a particular vineyard and its terroir.

With Darcie, it doesn’t make sense to separate her painting from her wine, and her new tasting room is, in fact, part art gallery, part winegallery. Her paintings are beautiful, reflecting that special sense of light that is unique to the Northern California wine region, seeming to glow from within. I’m looking forward to the day when I can visit her wine gallery, taste some wines, and see her work in person!

I was lucky enough to sample both Darcie Kent Vineyards Reds and Whites recently and they are definitely worth searching out!

More information can be found at the Darcie Kent website and on Facebook.

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