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Cellar Door, Downers Grove, IL

Cellar Door, Downers Grove, IL

Enjoying a quiet spot next to the historic Downers Grove Cemetery, Cellar Door is an attractive part of the little downtown, with plenty of parking in the nearby garage, on the street, or a quick walk for locals from home or the train. We've lived in Downers Grove for nearly 4 years, and finally made time to visit this winebar/wineshop. The menu is simple, upscale bar food, with strong Italian influences.

Cellar Door: Red Crostini

Even though Wednesdays are $3 Tap Beer Night, we still opted to partake in the wines by the glass. I tried, for the first time, a wonderful Spanish wine, Perfum De Vi Blanc 2009, from Raventos i Blanc, while Laima ordered the surprise red ("Surprise Red - Take a chance! You will be pleasantly surprised!"), and received an Australian Shiraz (the name of which escapes me at the moment), which was dynamite. Appetizer of choice was the Red Pepper Crostini, paired with a balsamic vinegar dressed salad. The Crostini was very good, though I wish they had given 6 pieces instead of 5, so that I could have gotten a third (I chivalrously gave the 5th to my wife). On the online menu, this item is listed as a Roasted Pepper Napoleon, which sounds like it would have been fun to try.

Cellar Door: Panini

Though the Flights of Gourmet Cheese and Charcuterie tempted Laima, we both ended up ordering panini. Prosciutto (Prosciutto di Parma, fresh mozzarella, spring mix and basil pesto on grilled ciabatta bread) for her and Wild Mushroom Grilled Cheese (seasonal wild mushrooms, Gruyere cheese, caramelized onion, whole grain mustard on grilled ciabatta bread) for me. Each came with more of the mixed greens and balsamic dressing. The sandwiches were tasty and well-made, though I would improve the grilled cheese by altering the mushroom preparation, perhaps searing them. Eminently vegetarian friendly, I of course would love to see some vegan options as well.

Cellar Door: Chocolat du Frances

Definitely leave room for dessert, specifically the Chocolat du Frances (6 velvety smooth, creamy, assorted French chocolate truffles coated with the finest chocolate and topped with shaved chocolate) and definitely order another glass (or two) of red wine to enjoy with it. Laima had some more of the Shiraz and we sampled some with each truffle - a heavenly combination!

The Cellar Door is a nice option and worth a trip on its own to Downers Grove if you are not a local. While it was a romantic dinner for us, this would also work as a casual option - each day has a special, from the aforementioned $3 Tap Beers to Mimosas on Sundays. This is also a wineshop, with a wall of wine that is worthy of serious scrutiny - maybe next time!

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