Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bangkok Cafe, Arlington Heights

Bangkok Cafe - food beautifully presented!
Bangkok Cafe - food beautifully presented!

It wasn't a happy reason to be in Arlington Heights, a wake of a friend's father, but it was nice to discover an Arlington Heights beyond the racetrack. Some Internet research helped us pick out Bangkok Cafe as a place to try for dinner, garnering decent reviews for clean design, beautifully-presented food, and good taste. Six sisters been serving authentic, home style Thai Cuisine to Chicago's Northwest Suburbs since 1994.

A SNAFU with my BlackBerry camera meant only a very few photos were saved, but the restaurant is indeed attractive, and well-positioned just a half-block from the commuter train. Apart from the incongruity of the demising walls not meeting the ceilings (the loft look is not conducive to a homey Thai restaurant experience), the artwork. furniture and general cleanliness made us happy. Happier still when we discovered the clean bathrooms! (Always an indicator of quality, I've found.)

Many vegetarian options (as well as meat, poultry, and seafood), along with a kid's menu meant there was something for everyone. Spring Rolls for an appetizer, fried rice, pad thai, and rama noodles were a few of the dishes we opted to try. All the dishes tasted fresh and clean - I read that the sisters use their own grown herbs and spices, and I can believe it after tasting the dishes. For dessert we opted for the Fried banana with sesame and sauces, a disappointment for me, nearly flavorless, but the kids ate pretty much every bite.

Everything was very good and looked very pretty, but the whole meal was uniformly very sweet and all the dishes seemed to have too much sauce. Apart from those two missteps, it was a very satisfying experience and a restaurant worth seeking out if business, pleasure, or occasional wake bring you to Arlington Heights.

Nice decor and yes, the bathrooms were clean!
Nice decor and yes, the bathrooms were clean!

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