Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stray Dog Bar and Grill, New Buffalo, MI

We vacation a lot in Union Pier, MI, which is the town over from New Buffalo. New Buffalo has many of the things in a shore town that Union Pier does not - a pier, harbor, shopping district, a library, and so on. While Pier has some decent restaurants, it's also fun to head over to New Buffalo to take a stroll, look in some shops, and then have dinner out. This last trip we opted to return for a second time to the Stray Dog Bar and Grill, a simple bar and grill located near but not on the water (though the view from the upstairs deck must be great).

There is really nothing fancy to this place, either in decoration or to the menu, which is on the limited side (what bar and grill doesn't have onion rings?), but which also makes it easy to choose. The menu is very skimpy on vegetarian items, with even more minimal vegan options. The kids opted for basic burgers and grilled cheese (pronounced tasty), though my daughter ordered the veggie tacos from the adult menu. A soft taco, they are made up of chilled avocados, colby jack cheese, corn and black bean salsa, and lettuce - she opted to take the chipotle ranchero sauce on the side (my wife ate most of it with her fries). My wife and I chose burgers, veggie for me and  the Windward for her. The veggie burger was a tasty black bean burger, nicely cooked, with lettuce, tomato and onions on the side, accompanied by french fries (did I mention the Stray Dog doesn't have onion rings?). The Windward was their burger topped with guacamole and colby jack cheese, very good according to my wife--high praise as she doesn't eat cheese that often.

The main decorative element is photos of dogs, framed and unframed, extending all the way into the restrooms. As always, I checked out the bathrooms for cleanliness and, while a bit faded from a decorative standpoint, smelled and looked clean. Nice job, Stray Dog!

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