Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ravenswood Winery: “No Wimpy Wines”

No Wimpy Wines

When I was young and just starting to get interested in wine, Ravenswood was THE cool winery, at least among the novice drinkers I hung out with. Probably it was the logo, maybe it was the echoes of Edgar Allan Poe in the winery’s name. Maybe it was the inky dark red wines that were made from what we thought was California’s native grape, Zinfandel. Even in the 80’s, there were rumors of century-old Zin vines growing in the Northern California hills. When I later moved to a Chicago neighborhood called Ravenswood and my new landlord handed me a bottle of the winery’s wine, it simply confirmed how it had retained its coolness.

When we tasted the 2009 Sonoma County Old Vine Zin recently, the idea of a wimpy wine was the furthest thing from our minds. The nearly black, opaque wine had a heft and substance to it on looks alone. The initial taste and feel in the mouth confirmed it – this was no wimpy wine.

“Robust and red are two qualities that define the wines of Ravenswood. No Wimpy Wines. Ravenswood strives to honor…venerable vineyards with soulful wines that are representative of place, person and period in time.” They truly succeed.

“The Circle of Ravens
Ravenswood’s trio of ravens, talons interlocked in a secret handshake, was designed by David Lance Goins, the California artist who also created distinctive posters for Chez Panisse. Joel Peterson hung out at Alice Water’s now-famous restaurant in its early years, and he admired Goins’ aesthetic of rustic classicism. With its hand-hewn feel, [their] iconic logo has a timeless Craftsman style with a quirky twist of M.C. Escher and gothic elegance—perfectly in keeping with Ravenswood’s obsession with nuance and hands-on approach to the craft of winemaking.”

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  1. Ravenswood is a favorite at restaurants, too, I've noticed. They must be good at getting into that market. I like their zin.