Friday, May 25, 2012

BuzzCheck Blood Alcohol Calculator

Memorial Day weekend and the parties will start early and last a long time. Ever wonder how much drinking is too much, or want to plan to imbibe and get home safely?

BuzzCheck, Inc. and CG Labs partnered together to develop and bring to the market an online breathalyzer (also called BAC Calculator). CG Labs has been working with these formulas for over 10 years in validating or negating DUI cases in court. We’ve simply taken these same formulas and created an online breathalyzer.

This tool is unique in that it takes into consideration many points that the existing calculators do not. In addition to taking into consideration a persons’ age, gender, weight and height, we also take into consideration tolerance and hunger levels (which the others do not). You can actually see how long it will take to get to a max BAC (blood alcohol level) and how long it will take to get to get completely sober.

From the website: "Our alcohol calculator is a partnership between BuzzCheck Inc. and CG Labs. CG Labs has been working with local and state governments as well as DUI lawyers for over 10 years. CG Labs has applied the same formulas used within this calculator to determine a person’s BAC (blood alcohol content) at a specific time during the drinking experience. These formulas have been considered valid calculations by courts within the U.S."

I tried it out and it's pretty interesting to see how the blood alcohol changes over time. I have to take their word that it's accurate and, if it really is, this is a useful tool to have if you know you are going to be imbibing past what might be a safe amount.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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