Friday, March 9, 2012

J. Christopher: Rock and Roll Wine

"If You Make a Wine that Everyone Loves,
You've Done Something Wrong."

When I find a wine with rock and roll connections, it always excites me, combining two of my favorite passions. I had heard good things about J. Christopher wines, but recently found out that the winemaker, Jay Somers, is an avid guitarist. Good enough for me.

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J. Christopher Wines is a small winery located on Chehalem Mountain in Oregon's Northern Willamette Valley. Our wines are handcrafted, following biodynamic principles, in small lots and are sourced from some of the best vineyards in Oregon.

Jay Christopher Somers wanted to be a rock star. One of his earliest memories was the day his mother came home with the new Creedence Clearwater Revival album, Cosmos Factory. As the 4-year-old Jay listened over and over to John Fogarty’s wailing guitar solo in “Heard it Through the Grapevine,” he knew that’s what he wanted to do. And yet, rooted somewhere in that song, another message planted itself in his subconscious. Something about grapevines.

Today, in addition to making wine, Jay plays lead guitar for the Portland band Poncho Luxurio. Fans of both his music and his wines tell him he’s a rock star. So all in all, he feels, things have turned out very well.

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  1. Great that he can have both his passions in his life like that!